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February 4, 2010

Ghost Chili Software has just released Home Brew Calculators Version 1.5.5

Ghost Chili Software has just released Home Brew Calculators Version 1.5.5. This version now includes:

New Options:
  • Globally selectable Unit Preferences for US and Metric
  • Option to E-Mail Calculation Results from most calculators

Included Calculators and Tools:

  • Attenuation: Calculates Apparent Attenuation, Actual Attenuation, ABW%, and ABV%. This new version also takes into consideration the temperature at which the readings were taken.
  • Bottle Packaging: Helps the home brewer calculate how many bottles of various sizes they will need to package their delicious home brew. This new version also adds a custom field to add bottles of your own size!
  • Boil Timer: Helps the home brewer time their boils on brew day. This new version allows saving favorite hop schedules to load during brew day.
  • Carbonation: Determine the proper amount of priming sugar to use when bottling your beer. Also provides kegging line pressure for those that keg their home brew.
  • Hop Bitterness: Calculate the HBU's and IBU's a specific hop will provide based on alpha acid, wort gravity, and boil time.
  • SRM Color: Use to determine the SRM of your Home Brew or enter your own values to see what color a specific SRM will provide.
  • Strike Temp: This new feature calculates the temperature that the strike water needs to be to raise your mash to a specified temperature.
  • Yeast Pitching: Calculates the proper amount of yeast to pitch when making a batch of home brew. You can select liquid or dry and specify the production date, starting gravity, and volume of beer.


  1. hello, when i search at Market the home brewer calculator do not finded, can you send to me the install file for try this software? thanks


  2. I had this problem. It turned out it was a problem with my phone (htc hero on tmobile aka g2touch). I had to re-install the atest update and now I can see all apps.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Any way to add in a calculator for brix to specific gravity? Otherwise the tool is very helpful.

  4. I heard that you may be working on a recipe manager program for Android. I use BrewAlchemy on my Mac, which currently syncs with the iPhone/iTouch. If there's any way you could develop something like that, which syncs the desktop program with Android. I would be very interested.

  5. I was working on a recipe manager for Android, however, I spoke with the developer of Brewzor and he will be releasing a full recipe manager as well for free. He also will have the ability to import and export from Xml, I'm hopeful that BeerAlchemy importing will be available as well. If I find the time before Brewzor's new version is released, I will let you know. Thanks.